Episode 22

Published on:

22nd Apr 2021

1:22 Devil's Trap

It's the season finale of Season 1 Devil's Trap! We finally get to break down the meaning behind the Devil's Trap, aka the Key of Solomon. Toss back some holy water and whiskey with us. Maybe we'll give you some perfumed bat blood to take home.


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Devil's Trap: A Supernatural Podcast
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We're going back to the beginning of the road and watching Supernatural from the beginning. For your host Liz, it's probably her fifth time through. For your other host Diana, it's her first. She claims she was scared. Naturally as a supportive friend, Liz will attempt to exploit this fear as much as possible. We also dive into the spooky spook in the show in whatever way we want - occult, folklore, true crime, shopping, GAME SHOWS?

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